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Incredible Health Products - Bring RESULTS...!!!

On this site we have listed the MOST POWERFUL 
and MOST EFFECTIVE products 
that BRING  RESULTS in peoples health.

Many people have experienced MIRACULOUS TRANSFORMATIONS in there lives by following the regimen as outlined in our protocol of IDEAL HEALTH...

 Electric Nutrition...
Just as everything in our universe is electrical from the smallest particles to the largest galaxy - everything in the human body, from the structure of atoms to the functioning of our brain is electric.
Excerpt from the book "One of the greatest fallacies that most of us believe is that all food nourishes us. In fact nothing could be further from the truth. What is true is that everything either nourishes our bodies or poisons our bodies."
Do you want to truly understand why Avena Originals products function and work better than anything else you have ever tried?

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Protocol For Maintaining Superb Health and Eliminating any Illness
We have been helping people with health challenges who have attained 100% success when they follow the program. Any health challenge could be easily corrected. We are meant to be in Ideal Health but we must follow what our creator gave us... REAL food that feeds our body. Not distorted foods that create dis-eases.

The cause of most health issues is 'acidosis'. We feed our body, hopefully, with the proper foods that give us the nutrients we require. The nutrients are absorbed through the colon walls. The blood carries these nutrients to feed the trillions of cells that compose our body. The blood must be in an alkaline state. The cells have to excrete their wastes through the lymph system. This waste is acidic. It is like the sewage system of the body. If this waste is not excreted through the kidneys, it then backs up creating all sorts of health problem issues. Allergies, arthritis, cancer, crohn's, dementia, diabetes, pain, psoriasis and any other so-called symptom...

The kidneys are the elimination organs and if not filtering properly will cause a back up of the acidic lymph. The skin is our third kidney. If the acidic waste is not eliminated through the kidneys because the kidneys are not filtering properly, it then comes out through the skin (psoriasis and other skin problems) or the waste is concentrated in a tumor (cancer).

Animal protein is another cause of acidosis. Specifically an animal based diet and casein in milk and whey. According to extensive research ('The China Study' by Colin T. Campbell} people on an animal based diet acquired all types of diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc. When they were put on a plant based diet, all diseases disappeared.

So what do we do to resolve this problem...???

Our protocol to stay stay in good health and eliminate any illness--- A proper diet is crucial to good health. And since much of our food is devoid in nutrients, we MUST supplement with good nutritional supplements specifically in a raw state... Foods that contain the ENZYMES and the PROBIOTICS... the good bacterial.

Our diet should consist mostly of ripe fruits, berries and melons. They have a higher consciousness or higher frequency. Fructose in fruits is the only sugar that does not require insulin to put the sugar into the cells as our body requires sugar for energy. The fruits, berries and melons supply the required nutrients our body requires. They also assists in the cleansing process of our body.

Green leafy vegetables and other vegetables in a raw state are also recommended. Green smoothies with the above foods are easily digested and absorbed. It takes the body to adjust so starting with lightly steamed vegetables will ease and adjust the body gradually into more of a raw diet.

Recommendation is 80% raw to 20% cooked. This process takes some time so we recommend the following supplementation as listed below... Pure supplements of 'Nature'... Nothing added and nothing taken away, including the 'Electrical Frequency' of the foods.

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We work with the following products because they          'BRING RESULTS'...!!!
Pure products of Nature..
                (Other products would not be as effective and not proven to work as our success is with                                             PROVEN products that do bring results.)

"Natural Ingredients" Doesn’t Equal Healthy

Just because processed food has natural ingredients in it does not make it healthy, for example, a fresh pressed green juice that is not sweet and has a bitter taste to it, would not be appealing to most consumers.
The response from industry is to add 
all natural sugar in the form of cheaper fruit juices (like grape or apple). Some of these green juice brands have over 40 grams of sugar per 300ml that is almost twice a cola beverage, or often it is mostly a sweet fruit juice with a small amount of green for color.

The following are raw supplements that have brought SUCCESS for maintaining health, assisting in eliminating all forms of illness and enhancing athletic performance...
    Herb Cocktail... A whole body detox. Cleans the body and assists in removing impacted waste material from the colon walls. 1 tsp. morning and evening at least 20 minutes before and after meals. Preferably with fresh pure orange juice. Makes it more effective.
     See more and pricing...

          See the difference of enzymes and pricing on the site...  
     Aids in the digestion of foods. Not all enzymes are created equal. Plant enzymes are the MOST effective. Depending on the situation... anywhere from 5 to 25 per day.

    The more taken, the quicker the results.
          What Do Enzymes Do?
Enzymes build, orchestrate and unify the physical expression we call "life." --They seem to know precisely what to do and when to do it. 

--They "assemble" molecules during their formative growth and they take molecules apart when individual cells are fractured. 

--Enzymes create and modulate every system in the body.

--Enzymes help assemble a human body from a one-cell organism into a 50 to 70 trillion-cell life form. 

--Enzymes are involved in repairing the body when it is damaged; 

--they transport, use, and transform oxygen molecules and every other nutrient the body needs; 

--they break down metabolic waste and the by-products of cells; 

--theyquench free radicals, and they split off unwanted molecules from nutrients, adding necessary ones. 

--The physical existence of every human being and the existence of all other living organisms is totally dependent upon the ability of enzymes to do their job.

    Proteolytic Probiotics... Ultra Powerful Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics…
    ...have an undeniable ability to provide optimal support to our immune system -- and make the immune system work as it was designed .
    Symptoms such as… eczema, psoriasis, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, cirrhosis, cancers of all types, hepatitis, colds, flu, fever, bacterial and viral infectios and much more are manifested due to toxins and a lack of Enzymes and Probiotics.
    Enzymes and Probiotics are found in organic RAW foods. Cooking, irradiation of foods, chemicals, stress and many other factors destroy ALL Enzymes, Probiotics and many nutrients.
    2 – 5 just before retiring. See articles on our site...
    Supplementing with Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics (the friendly flora) IS MORE IMPORTANT than taking vitamins and minerals!]
    E-Fusion – Ultimate Nutritional Enhancement -- Whole Food Complex...
    Electric 'C' – a complete vitamin 'C' complex with electrolytes... A natural antibiotic.
    Minerals 'Real AT Last' – a complete mineral complex...
    Super FoodEnhanced with Enzymes and a whole food co-factor blend -- a superpower food.
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Make sure to contact us for further information with any questions and how to use the products most effectively... We are here to help in your wellness chalange...

Did you know that enzymes and proteolytic probiotics is our immune system. Heating/cooking destroys all enzymes and most nutrients. Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics are the MOST important nutrients...They are the Workers in the body...!!!
Most people are deficient of enzymes.

Enzymes must be in the body first. Without enzymes, protein is not utilized. Without protein,
minerals are not absorbed. Without minerals – vitamins do not function… and in that order.

There is a BIG difference of different types of enzymes. Learn about enzymes and much more...

 E-Fusion... Unleash your body’s natural healing abilities with our whole-food Tocotrienol
Complex. This powerful Vitamin E & amino acid complex is formulated to promote energy, health, healing and longevity. Complete with protein, carbohydrates and fat—all in perfectly-balanced ratios. This great-tasting, plant-based, 100% RAW whole food provides a variety of naturally-occurring essential nutrients including antioxidants, vitamins, pro-oxidant nutrients, phytonutrients, and tocotrienols (The unique potent forms of the most highly and easily absorbable vitamin E).
E-Fusion is complete with all 20 raw essential and non-essential amino acids, all in an easily-digestible, bio-available form. With an abundance of over 109 naturally-occurring anti-oxidants (many found exclusively in rice bran) E-Fusion helps you heal muscle after intense workouts, injury, trauma, and boost the vitality of your internal organs.
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RP3... Raw Protein...  Avena’s RP3 Protein is living and more potent and absorbable
than non-living animal proteins. Most athletes take high amounts of animal protein that is not usable for the body and is actually acidic creating intestinal toxemia and other disturbances. Avena’s RP3 Protein is predigested with bio-fermentation and natural enzymes, it has a 95% to 98% digestion efficiency. And it's completely hypoallergenic.
    See more and pricing...

Electric 'C'... A Breakthrough in Vitamin C
typically vitmain c has many serious limitations, absorption and utilization are the biggest road block to experiencing the benefits of vitamin C. According to the USDRA 500mg per day is the
recommended value, and people who consume more than that can often experience loose or runny stools. This is because 95% of all the vitamin c on the market is simply ascorbic acid, which can not be used properly by your body so it is flushed out.
A Complete Vitamin C, so much more than Ascorbic Acid
With Avena's Electric C you are getting the closest thing you have ever seen to the whole food, We work almost completely opposite of everyone else, instead of building a vitamin C from the ground up we start with a whole food , and remove the water, fibres and unwanted elements, leaving you with a intact Vitamin C that is naturally made and undisturbed. Electric C is one of Avena’s most prized Electrically Available® formulations. It has naturally-occurring bioflavonoids, electrolytes, tyrosinase, zinc, potassium, K factors, P factors and J factors, making it safe and easy to use in large doses.
The industries highest absorption rates...  See more and pricing...

 Super Food... You have never tried a Super Green product like this before
Never before have you seen a unique formula like this combine synergistically to provide unseen levels of absorption and utilization. Enhanced with Enzymes and a whole food cofactor blend this truly is a superpower in a bottle
Very few of us get enough greens in our diets!
Many who do are selective, preferring to stay with the familiar greens they grew up with - even though they’re grown in depleted soils. Avena’s Superfood combines dense greens and herbs with the nutrition your body needs to thrive. So why not feast on nature’s bounty while enjoying the convenience of enhanced, balanced,  affordable nutrition?
Offering far more than typical green supplements
Avena’s Superfood helps give your body the powerful green foods it needs, in a robust combination of whole foods and cleansing herbs. Avena’s Superfood takes a holistic, whole-body approach to enhancing your nutrition, perfectly matching the whole food approach by pairing amazing green Super Foods with extra probiotics and enzymes to give you the ultimate green product - one that exceeds the absorption limits found in other green supplements.
Superfood is 100% RAW Living Foods 
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 Minerals... Did you know 95% of your body’s activities require minerals?
In fact, your bio-chemistry is so mineral-dependent that a deficiency of just one of the major
minerals triggers deficiency symptoms, paving the way to potentially life-threatening disease. Our plant-based mineral formulation has the necessary co-nutrients (properly chelated to amino acids) to help your body absorb what’s inside.

Majority of mineral supplement are almost useless due to their poor absorption and utiliziation rates.

In fact, our formulation helps your body achieve absorption levels rarely achieved through mineral supplementation! And our minerals have the same ratios found in plants; designed according to nature, your body will “recognize” and “embrace” them at a cellular level.
https://avenaoriginal.infoBy their very nature, minerals are inorganic, non-living substances but your body demands - cannot survive—without them. Although we all have the option to eat right, our food comes from depleted, overtaxed, dangerously-deficient soils, so the full range of minerals that were originally found in them are missing. This is why Avena has created a potent mineral combination. Minerals are more precious than gold—they keep you alive!—so give yourself the gift of the bio-available minerals your body needs.
This unique combination of minerals is Electrically formulated to ensure Bio availability, ensure you achieve the maximum absorption.
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 Vitamin Supreme... The Incredible Multi-Vitamin
According to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), every adult should take a multivitamin to help maintain good health. Avena’s Vitamin Supreme takes vitamin supplementation
to new heights! For the average person, vitamin-taking is a ritual, but not every delivery system is equally robust; many do not offer sufficient absorption rates so vitamins pass right through the body and are excreted in urine, resulting in key deficiencies.
It’s especially important to make sure your B vitamins are absorbed—even though it’s hard for your body to do this! Taking all the above into consideration, Avena returned to nature’s timeless wisdom and formulated Vitamin Supreme, the most-balanced, most-complete multi-vitamin. Using only highest-quality ingredients, this unique formulation delivers vitamins and all the necessary factors and co-factors—minerals, amino acids (proteins) and enzymes—to ensure optimal nutrient delivery and assimilation. If you’re concerned about getting enough nutrients, Vitamin Supreme is a simple, affordable solution.
Add it to your daily regimen.      See more and pricing...

June Discount Sales --- 10%
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Personal Care... the finest, purest, safest ingredients
Your skin is your largest organ and your body’s most important immune defense. Did you know that everything you put on your skin is absorbed by your body? In fact, absorption through your skin is 40 to 70 times more efficient than oral ingestion! This is why many researchers warn that absorbing chemicals through your skin is more dangerous than swallowing them. Our dependable Hair and Body Care line of products are the highest-quality products, loved because they work so well. So why wait? Make the switch today! Simply use each product as directed on the label and pamper your body and skin with the finest, purest, safest ingredients.
                           Remedy -- A Transdermal Skin Cream
Although Remedy is a relative new player among skin care products, it is proving to be one of the most extraordinary beneficial creams, suitable for all skin types! Transdermal meaning it penetrates through all layers of your skin, providing these powerful properties to every part for a more beautiful you from the inside out.

100% Plant Based Ingredients

Supercharged with 100% plant based ingredients that are literally changing the face of thousands of people worldwide! Every ingredients is extracted or derived from plants, making this not only safer than most skin creams, but dramatically more powerful!

Cream That Heals

Remedy is more than just a cream but it has powerful healing properties that allow your skin to truly rejuvenate to a healthier, younger state. This is all done through a unique proprietary blend of ingredients that will work naturally with your skin to; heal, moisturize, cleanse and detoxify, even with heavy metals, how amazing is that! These unbelievable abilities come from a exciting combination of MSM, Aloe Vera, Avocado, Alpha-Lipoic Acid & Co-Q10 Unlike majority of your skin creams on the market Remedy does not use any petroleum products, paraben's, propylene's, sodium laurel sulfates, synthetic ingredients, like colors & fragrances, TEA/DEA, chlorides, heavy metals, or aluminum.
Make sure to check out the more Information tab for more details.

                    Body Splash --  Revitalizing and uplifting any time of day! 
Quickly softens, nourishes and tones the skin. A refreshing body moisturizer after a shower.
Our incomparable Body Splash combines the finest-grade, specially-selected 100% pure essential oils. Thanks to its unique electrical formulation, Body Splash quickly softens, nourishes, and tones your skin. A refreshing body moisturizer after a shower, many of our customers use hydrating Body Splash to help prevent burning and damage from overexposure to the sun.
This botanical citrus blend also works great to repel insects. Containing only the purest of essential oils, Body Splash is one of Avena’s most prized products. Use it to moisturize and protect your skin from the sun. Although the traditional size bottle remains available, we’re now also offering Body Splash in a larger-size refill bottle in response to the many requests we’ve received for more, more, more!
A wonderful multi-purpose oil, Avena’s Body Splash is as versatile as it is pure. And with our Splash, you need never worry about nasty chemicals or other ingredients that clog your pores or leave a residue on your skin. Only simple clean ingredients go into Avena’s products! So try a bottle today—mist your skin and let the scent re-awaken your senses!

                            All-In-One -- Natural soap for everything. Use All-In-One in every room.

                           Essentia Shampoo and Conditioner --                          
       Soothe thicken, restore and moisturize. Instantly soothe the scalp, moisturize and naturally thicken hair to add fullness and bounce.

Essential Oils --  Unlock renewed vitality and restore youthfulness
Ancient Egyptians discovered the secret abilities of essential oils to unlock renewed vitality and restore youthfulness. At Avena Originals, we've taken this a step further. Our prized synergistic oil blends are natural therapeutic botanical masterpieces! Using only the finest-grade, 100% pure essential oils, our unique essential oil blends are formulated to provide greater effect.The result: essential oils that merge together synergistically to enhance absorption and usability.

Regular priced products... See more and pricing...

An essential mineral, zinc is found in almost every cell in the body. It stimulates the activity of more than 100 enzymes (the substances that promote many biochemical reactions in the body). Among its many functions, zinc helps provide protection against disease by maintaining a robust immune system. It’s also essential to wound healing, increasing your sense of taste and smell.

Ionic ZincIt is also a vital element for DNA synthesis. Zinc helps support normal growth and development during pregnancy, childhood, and adolescence. It’s also a component of insulin and—since zinc is a part of male reproductive fluid—it helps male fertility.

Zinc is also used by women’s bodies for ovulation and fertilization. Zinc is especially important for women who breastfeed because of the greater need for zinc
during lactation. Our specially-formulated Ionic Zinc will be especially appreciated by athletes: it helps remove the lactic acid that builds up in working muscles and is essential to carbohydrate synthesis and metabolism.

Zinc also helps disperse vitamin A and is involved in the formation of bones and teeth. Formulated for fast and complete intra-cellular absorption, Avena’s Ionic Zinc is being recognized as the most efficient zinc supplement ever created.

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Apply your passion for Natural Health with our desire to help others and you can create a profitable experience where Avena Originals will cover your costs to be healthy. Watch a quick animated presentation on how this works and is easy for everyone!

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Nothing cures anything –- Cleanse the body of toxins. Get the lymph (sewer system) flowing. Alkalize the body. Feed the body with the proper Whole Raw Foods and the body will heal itself...!!!

Health Is Not a Matter of Chance… It is Just a Matter of Choice !

Incredible Health Products - Bring RESULTS...!!! On this site we have listed the MOST POWERFUL  and MOST EFFECTIVE products  that BRING  RESULTS in peo...